Gala Dinner – Zaza Resto PUB – October 10, 2019

Schedule: 19:00 o`clock.

ZAZA is designed to give visitors a relaxing and welcome atmosphere. They have created a new gastronomic quisine concept, in order to surprise your senses in the most pleasant way.

Their appetizing preparations, but also the aromatic wines they serve, are ready to surprise you.
These moments will be even more enjoyable when you choose to enjoy aromatic dishes on their floating terrace, on the Begai shore, or at the generous 140 seat rooftop.

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Wine tasting trip – Cramele Recaș (Recaș Winery) – October 12, 2019

Trip departure: 11:00 o`clock.
Return: 15:00 o`clock.

The history of Banat is lost in the time immemorial. When they conquered the western area of the Dacia territory, the Romans found in the Recaș area grapes plantations which proved that here wine was made long before their coming. Tasting the liqueur from the old amphora, the Roman soldiers accustomed with the thin Falern wine said in one voice: “this wine is so good that we have reached the lands where Bacchus himself was born!” This legend is still present in our days.

The written documents first confirm the Recaș Domains in the year 1447. A notary document currently held by the treasure house of Banat Museum with the central headquarters in Huniade Castle of Timișoara, certifies that Mihail de Ciorna, ruler of Severin, bought the grape vines from here from the aristocrats Ioan and Ecaterina Magyar for 32 de florints (the Hungarian gold coin which was used at that time).

Since then over the years, the Recaș grape vines have changed owners passing from the hands of the Hungarians into the hands of Austrians. These have understood and appreciated their value because they cherished and took care of them with the same skill as the Romans, Serbians, Swabians and Croatians which then followed. We owe to these grape vines an important part of the local culture for centuries, becoming a symbol for Banat, because their fruit, the Recaș wine was always one of the powerful currency in the trading between the East and the West.

The company known today under the name Recaș Winery began its activity at the end of the XX century, more precisely in 1991, with the ambition to take over the tradition and culture inherited from the wine artisans from the ancient vineyard but also to add professionalism, significant investments but, above all, innovation and passion for the new wines which are born here.

Currently, Recaș Winery company, of Romanian and British partners manages a surface of approximately 1100 hectare of grape vine in Recaș (Timiș county) and Miniș (Arad county) and is found at the top of the quality wine producers of Romania.

In less than a quarter of century of contemporary history, Recaș Winery has grown from a winery with strictly traditional endowment to one of the most advanced wineries in the country.

The development of the Recaș Winery brands began with the wide sales wines in an optimum quality-price percentage, the most common being from the brand – and continued gradually by creating special wines for the pretentious consumers – These commercial brands which cover the main categories of addressing the market segments currently satisfy almost the entire range of types, styles and expressions of wine producing known and appreciated by the Romanian and foreign consumers.

As a quality and innovation leader on the Romanian market, the results of the Recaș Winery are confirmed year by year, both by the awards obtained at the most important national and international competitions in the field, and by the visible growth of the popularity of the wines with our label.

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