Gala Dinner (SpeD 2023 Banquet)

October 26, 19:30. ARIA TNB, Blvd. Nicolae Balcescu 2, Bucharest (located in “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, 3rd floor) –

In the heart of Bucharest, near the “Grand Hotel”, we find the National Theatre – the house of ARIA TNB. The venue located on the rooftop remains the ideal place to spend moments under the Bucharest sky, with a breath-taking and panoramic view of the capital. Whether on the terrace or on the veranda, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the sunset and the lights of Bucharest. The ARIA TNB is a place to be enjoyed in peace, extremely pleasant and friendly. Beyond the positioning, view, excellent food and good wines, Aria TNB is a complete and complex experience that is well worth trying.

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Aria-TNB-1 Aria-TNB-1
ARIA Location